ANNE FRANK: PARALLEL STORIES (Theatrical Release Italy 2019)

Ben Meyers’ Rating: 4.2|5.0 Starsìììì 

Anne Frank: Parallel Stories has interesting interviews from female women who survived the Holocaust and provides a surprisingly large selection of interviewees. Helen Mirren seems an odd choice for narrator of this documentary fiction due to her high-level actress status…almost a little intimidating and overwhelming in this role. The documentary is freshly updated due to its presentation; the camerawork uses good transitions between each new scene. The documentary fiction serves an audience who has not seen or been aware of the Anne Frank story. 

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The Anne Frank story gets a fresh review as a fiction documentary.

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Thank you to Directors Sabina Fedeli and Anna Migotto for directing effort. Thank you to Producers Franco Di Sarro, Didi Gnocchi, 3D Produzioni, Nexo Digital, Anne Frank Fonds, and RAI Cinema for making the film possible. Cast includes: Helen Mirren, Arianna Szorenyl, Fanny Hochbaum, Sarah Lichtsztein-Montard, Andra Bucci, Helga Weiss, and Martina Gatti. 

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Yes. This fiction documentary educates and could easily serve as a good film to introduce anyone 10-years and up to the Anne Frank story. 

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