FLIGHT 93 (Television Release USA 2006)

Ben Meyers’ Rating: 4.7|5.0 Starsìììì 

Flight 93—graphically emotional—uses highly realistic acting so that the audience feels like it is in the events taking place on the screen. Director Peter Markle shows great skill in creating realism in a movie. It is difficult to believe that this movie, originally a television release, was released on that platform rather than on a theater platform. This is a WOW! movie. Quality movie that earns its watch. 

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This is the story of the flight that crashed before reaching its destination during the 9/11 crisis. 

Additional Thanks 

Thank you to Director Peter Markle for directing effort. Thank you to Executive Producers David Gerber and Delia Fine for making the film possible. Cast includes: Jeffrey Nording, Colin Glazer, Brennan Elliott, Ty Olsson, Jacqueline Ann Steuart, Barry W. Levy, Biski Gugushe, and Dominic Rains. 

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Yes. The movie is gripping, realistic, and worth watching.

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