RETURN TO NEVER LAND (Released to Theaters USA 2002)

Ben Meyers’ Rating: 3.9|5.0 Starsììì 

Return to Never land—sequel to the 1953 animated film, Peter Pan—starts strongly, but loses power when Jane, Wendy’s daughter, reaches Peter Pan’s Lair. Watch for the increased evilness of Captain Hook over the 1953 animated release. The movie ends well and overall this is a good watch but lacks the magic present in the 1953 version. 

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Peter Pan beguiles the daughter of Wendy, Jane, to take the same adventurous journey her mother did when Wendy was a child. 

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Thank you to Director Robin Budd for directing effort. Thank you to Producers Christopher Chase, Michelle Pappalardo-Robinson, and Dan Rounds for making the film possible. Cast includes Harriet Owen, Blayne Weaver, Corey Burton, and Jeff Bennett 

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Maybe. The movie starts strongly and the viewer wonders “Where have you been all this long time, Peter Pan?” Then it falters and does not regain the power of its opening scenes. Treat the family to the 1953 version instead for value, innocence, and kindness. 

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