FLIPPER'S NEW ADVENTURE (Released to Theaters USA 1964)

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Flipper’s New Adventure—sequel to the 1963 Flipper movie—loses steam and quality after the main character, Sandy (Luke Halpin) runs away from society and tries to live on a deserted island to save his pet dolphin, Flipper, from living the rest of his life in an ocean aquarium. The story loses realism and thoughtful, critical thinking skill from that point onward. The basic concept is too small to fill the length of time necessary to make the full-length movie. The film becomes weak as it tries to justify the longer story. 

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A young boy tries to keep his pet dolphin out of the control of a professional public oceanaquarium. 

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Thank you to Director Leon Benson for directing effort. Thank you to Producer Ivan Tors for making the film possible. Cast includes Luke Halpin, Pamela Franklin, Tom Helmore, and Brian Kelly.

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Maybe. Kudos to audiences who can watch this film to its conclusion. The writing and the portrayal are the largest challenges in this Flipper film. Chuck Conners (Rifleman television series) does not reprise his role as Sandy’s father in this film. 

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