SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON (Released to Theaters USA 1960)

Ben Meyers’ Rating: 3.9|5.0 Starsììì 

Swiss Family Robinson—good child/adult share—has appeal for a wide audience range and its own unique story that includes shipwreck and pirates. It’s a light watch with good island scenery and enough domesticated and wild animals to make a good story. The conclusion is perfectly suited to the story. Watch for Tommy Kirk as Ernst Robinson. 

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A family survives a shipwreck and finds themselves marooned on an island. 

Additional Thanks 

Thank you to Ken Annakin for directing effort. Thank you to Producers Bill Anderson, Basil Keys, and Walt Disney for making the film possible. Cast includes John Mills, Dorothy McGuire, James MacArthur, Janet Munro,Sessue Hayakawa, Tommy Kirk, Kevin Corcoran, Cecil Parker, Andy Ho, Milton Reid, and Larry Taylor.

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Yes. This is a simple, one time watch for a lazy afternoon with the family. If an audience has not seen the movie for awhile,  it is still watchable.

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