THE PARENT TRAP (Released to Theaters USA 1998)


Ben Meyers’ Rating: 4.1|5.0 Starsìììì 

The Parent Trap—good remake of the Hayley Mills' classic—uses the talents of Dennis Quaid, Natashia Richardson, and Lindsey Lohan to tell the bulk of its story. While the original Hayley Mill's movie is beyond question, the best of the two, this film is 'nothing to sneeze at'. It has a feisty, competitive beginning and shows high intelligence as the girls, after switching places, quickly improvise when in tight spots. The time spent learning each others roles in very different houses does seem a little far-fetched. In reality, it seems the switch would be discovered long before being revealed...but the busy schedules of each house can forgive some of that. The movie is a good remake and worth watching if merely because the story is so good. It's an easy addition to the home video library along with the Hayley Mills' classic.

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Two girls are sent to the same summer camp and discover that they not only look exactly alike, but have the same birthdate. They talk and find that their parents were divorced when the girls were infants and had split the twins between them.

 Additional Thanks

Thank you to Nancy Meyers for directing effort. Thank you to Producers Charles Shyer, Co-Producer Bruce A. Block, for making the film possible. Characters/cast include: Lindsey Lohan, Dennis Quaid, Natashia Richardson, Elaine Hendrix, Lisa Ann Walter, Simon Kunz, Polly Holiday, Maggie Wheeler, Ronnie Stevens, Joanna Barnes, and Hallie Meyers-Shyer, 

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Yes. This is a good watch and tells a good story.  This film has good portrayal and presentation. It's Lindsey Lohan at her best. Good work for all who made the remake story possible.

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