23 BLAST (DVD Release USA 2015)

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23 Blast
definitely has its place within the sports film collection. It emphasizes that barriers are not there to stop dreams. Barriers are there seeking the person who will surpass them. Because the film was not professionally produced, it failed to pull the emotional feel from a viewer that is its rightful due as did the sports film, The Blind Side. This movie sadly comes off as a run-of-the-mill story when it is anything but an ordinary story. For the sports fan audience, however, definitely put it on the list of to watch movies.

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High School Junior Travis Freeman (Mark Hapka) goes blind and finds a way to play football despite that challenge.

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Director Dylan Baker and to Executive Producers Misook Doolittle, Brent Ryan Green, and Daniel M. Snyder for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Coach Farris (Stephen Lang), Ashley (Alexa PenaVega), Cameron Marshall (Max Adler), Mary Freeman (Kim Zimmer), Jerry Baker (Bram Hoover), Jasper A. Duncan (Timothy Busfield), Coach Powers (Fred Dalton Thompson), Patty Wheatley (Becky Ann Baker), Larry Freeman (Dylan Baker), Coach Burley (Kevin Cooney), Mr. Marshall (Scott Sowers), Dr. Connelly (Isiah Whitlock, Jr.), and Molly (Crystal Hunt).

Buy a ticket? Yes? No? Maybe?

Yes. It’s a good, inspirational lesson on the importance of following dreams despite severe challenges. While the entertainment value is better placed on Draft Day or Friday Night Lights for the sports fan audience, this film satisfies and serves up large portions of goodness.

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