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The Silver Brumby—simply written horse story—serves as a good watch for the Russell Crowe fan. The story moves along nicely. Some monotony creeps in as the main character redundantly searches for the Silver Brumby over and over throughout the course of the movie, but the Australian scenery and the telling of the story mostly overrides that redundancy. Watch for the acting skills of Caroline Goodall in the movie.

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A man attempts to tame an Australian wild horse.

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Director John Tatoulis for directing effort. Thank you to Executive Producer William T. Marshall for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Elyne Mitchell (Caroline Goodall), The Man (Russell Crowe), Indi Mitchell (Amiel Daemion), Jock (Johnny Raaen), Darcy (Buddy Tyson), Auctioneer (Graeme Fullgrabe), Riders (Gary Amos, Murray Chesson, John Coles, Danny Cook, and Peter Faithfull). 

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Yes. This shows the skill levels of Russell Crowe to good advantage and makes a good Australian movie watch.

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