WAR OF THE WORLDS (Theatrical Release USA 2005)

 Ben Meyers’ rating: 4.2|5.0 Starsìììì 

War of the Worlds—much better film than the original 1953 movie of the same name. The special effects are great, the best part of the movie. Tom Cruise, Dakota Fanning, and Justin Chatwin make a very good casting team. The supporting cast seamlessly supports the three lead actors. This WOW! Spielberg movie is completely watchable and deserves a place in the family home video library. 

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This science fiction drama film is about an invasion of aliens into earth. 

Additional Thanks 

Thank you to Director Steven Spielberg for directing effort. Thank you to Producers Kathleen Kennedy and Colin Wilson for making the film possible. Characters/cast include: Ray Ferrier (Tom Cruise), Rachel Ferrier (Dakota Fanning), Robbie Ferrier (Justin Chatwin), Mary Ann Ferrier (Miranda Otto), Harlan Ogilvy (Tim Robbins), Vincent (Rick Gonzalez), Julio (Yul Vázquez), and Manny the Mechanic (Lenny Venito). 

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Yes. This is a keeper for the sci-fi audience. It’s great to see Tom Cruise work

ing with Steven Spielberg again since Minority Report. The movie makes a good addition to the home video library. 

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