CHARIOTS OF THE GODS (Theatrical Release West Germany 1970)

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Chariots of the Gods
—interesting and insightful documentary—presents a singular argument for the existence of ancient artifacts. Although it may not adequately address other theories, it is worth watching due to a fairly broad presentation of some of the lesser-known artifacts, locations of these artifacts, and their unique characteristics that raise questions such as how, why, and what.  The camera work is very good 50 years later. 

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Ancient artifacts and details about their oddities are presented as evidence of aliens acting on earth.

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Thank you to Director Harald Reinl for directing effort. Thank you to Producers Manfred Barthel and Gunther Eulau for making the film possible. Characters/cast include: Narrators Heinz-Detley Bock, Klaus Kindler, and Christian Marschall. 

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Yes. The movie investigates a variety of archaeological findings while establishing, in each instance, a connection to alien visitation to earth and offers little possibilities for other explanations. It has been put together well and introduces a few artifacts that have not been well publicized. It deserves a watch.

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