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Like Mike 2: Streetball—reiteration of the first film—does not perform as well as the first film. Watch for Kel Mitchell in this film. Between the two films, watch the first Like Mike.

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A street ball player’s shoes become magically enhanced so he can play with a higher level of skill. 

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Thank you to Director David Nelson for directing effort. Thank you to Producer David Bixler for making the film possible. Character/cast include: Jerome Triple J (Jascha Washington), Jerome Double J (Michael Beach), Ray Thomkins (Kel Mitchell), Rodney Rheingold (Brett Kelly), Nathan Daniels (Micah Williams), Coach Archie (Blu Mankuma), Dalton (Michael Adamthwaite), Lexi Lopez (Moneca Delain), Lydia (Enuka Okuma), Cavity (Joel Hayward), Preacher (Viv Leacock), Buck Wild (Adrian Holmes), and Raindrop (Mohammed Wenn). 

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Yes. If one watches the first Like Mike movie, this movie is basically the same movie with a few minor changes.

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