TARZAN AND THE TRAPPERS (Television Release USA 1966)

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Tarzan and the Trappers
—aged presentation of the Tarzan story—needs restoration. This black and white film is beginning to fade into a light white. The camerawork is poor, the set design sparse, and the audio less than satisfactory. It is what it is and may be useful if one has interest in viewing a 1966 low-budget film.

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Tarzan attempts to avoid persons who desire to trap him. 

Additional Thanks 

Thank you to Director Charles Haas, Sandy Howard, and H. Humberstone for directing effort. Thank you to Producer Sol Lesser for making the film possible. Characters/cast include: Tarzan (Gordon Scott), Jane (Eve Brent), Tartu (Rickie Sorensen), Schroeder (Lesley Bradley), Rene (Maurice Marsac), Commissioner Brandini (Bruce Lester), Tribesman (Naaman Brown), Tribesman (Paul Thompson), Tribesman (Carl Christian), Sikes (Sol Gorss), Lapin (William Keene), Tyana (Sherman Crothers), Witch Woman (Madame Sul-Te-Wan), Sikes’ Henchman (Paul Stader), and Tribesman (Don Blackman). 

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No. The movie shows its age in presentation as it panders to an audience who has not traveled or been able to watch exotic animals even within the confines of a zoo. It serves more on the level of an academic watch than as entertainment. 

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