BEWARE OF BLONDIE (Theatrical Release USA 1950)

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Beware of Blondie—great to see the comic strip, Blondie, come to life—is one of a string of films made during 1938 through 1950 about Blondie and Dagwood. This movie is the last production of the Blondie movies. This is simple, like the comic strip, and has its own special treatment of these long-beloved characters. It is nostalgic and worth watching for friends and fans of Blondie and Dagwood. 

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Dagwood is left in charge of the office while Mr. Dithers is gone and lands into trouble with no apparent way out. 

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Thank you to Director Edward Bernds for directing effort. Thank you to Producer Milton Feldman for making the film possible. Cast includes: Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake, Larry Simms, and Marjorie Ann Mutchie, 

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Yes. It is a good, simple watch for fans of the comic strip, Blondie and Dagwood. 

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