NIGHT ON EARTH: SHOT IN THE DARK (Television Release World-Wide 2020)

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Night on the Earth: Shot in the Dark—short documentary—focuses on night behavior of earth animals. The camera work is terrific. The film teaches more about the technology available for shooting this type of documentary than the actual night life. Nothing ‘new’ here and seems a bit like other wildlife shows. There is some interesting Vampire Bat footage of bats feeding at night.  

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Documentary that focuses on night vison camera footage catching nature scenes. 

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Cast includes: Peter Fison, Alessandra Mastronardi, Beren Saat, and Samira Wiley. 

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Yes. This production is reminiscent of nature films that were produced in the 1960s except the night vision cameras are exceptionally sophisticated and give some outstanding shots of the nightlife behavior of animals.

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