THE LAST BLOCKBUSTER (All-Media Release USA 2020)

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The Last Blockbuster—documentary—incorporates the human factor very well in that it details family interaction at home and in the video store located in Bend Oregon. It’s surprising to see nostalgia in action and to see this video store still functioning despite the accommodations of streaming, video on demand, and the complete affordability of entertainment options on Netflix Streaming, Amazon Prime, Disney +, AppleTV, and so many more. The entertainment world is changing so rapidly that it is difficult to stay abreast of the new services available, let alone providing the home with consistent access to the new technological necessaries to access that entertainment.  The documentary has validity for the nostalgic factor and does bring back memories of a time when one had to use considerable time and monetary resources to access entertainment. 

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This documentary details how one last Blockbuster store has continued to provide entertainment services to a small town in Oregon. 

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Thank you to Director Taylor Morden for directing effort. Thank you to Producer Zeke Kam for making the film possible. Cast includes: Lauren Lapkus (Narrator), Tom Casey, Kevin Smith, Sandi Harding, Lloyd Kaufman, and Jamie Kennedy.

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Yes. The documentary creates feelings of nostalgia to some extent, but also makes the viewer thankful for the newer and more convenient ways to access entertainment. 

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