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Beethoven's Big Break—cute—is part 6 in the Beethoven movie series. The story is likable and predictable but thin with nothing new or fresh in its story.  The one applaudable asset here is that the movie is staged in Hollywood studios and has an eyeful of different places on the studio lots. Watch for Rhea Perlman in the movie and a host of casting to include: Jonathan Silverman and Stephen Tobolowsky. Watch for Cesar Millan, who appears in the film. 

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This family film is about: an animal trainer acquires a Saint Bernard who becomes a star performer in Hollywood. 

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Thank you to Director Mike Elliott for directing effort. Thank you to Producer Wayne Morris for making the film possible. Cast includes: Jonathan Silverman, Jennifer Finnigan, Rhea Perlman, Stephen Tobolowsky, Oscar Nunez, Joey Fatone, Cesar Millan, Moises Arias, and Eddie Griffin. 

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Maybe. It is an afternoon watch and has a better story than Part 5 of the series. Watch for a good performance by Moises Arias. 

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