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Beethoven’s 4th—cute, simple family film—is not as good as the predecessor films in the Beethoven series.  This movie serves at the level of an afternoon, fill-in-some-time watch while doing other activities. The presentation is okay and its overall campiness makes the film better than it would have been.  Art Lafleur is an interesting casting choice as the obedience trainer for dogs. Judge Reinhold reprises his role from the last film. It’s interest factor runs around the contrasting personalities of the two Saint Bernard dogs and the two different families they come from. 

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This story is about a large St. Bernard who goes to obedience school. 

Additional Thanks 

Thank you to Director David Mickey Evans for direxting effort. Thank you to Producer Kelli Konop for making the film possible. Cast includes: Judge Reinhold, Julia Sweeney, Michaela Gallo, Joe Pichler, Matt McCoy, Veanne Cox, Art LaFleur, Dorien Wilson, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Kaleigh Krish, Mark Lindsay Chapman, Nick Meaney, and Patrick Bristow. 

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Maybe. It is a simple afternoon watch with an easy-on-the-mind storyline. 

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