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Missing in Action II: The Beginning—run-of-the-mill—has a simple storyline. It’s surprisingly light despite its not so light thematic matter. Nothing new here. It can run in the background of a party or serve as a watch while doing other work. The first film Missing in Action is a better watch.   

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This action film is about Vietnam War missing in action (MIA) soldiers searching for a way to get out of a prison of war camp and return home. 

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Thank you to Director Lance Hool for directing effort. Thank you to Producers Menahem Goals and Yoram Globus for making the film possible. Cast includes: Chuck Norris, Soon-Tek Oh, Steven Williams, Bennett Ohta, Cosie Costa, and Joe Michael Terry. 

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Maybe. This is the prequel to the Missing in Action movie. It is interesting to see a reason for keeping the MIA soldiers alive but know that the writing, acting, and portrayal of story are not high quality. The movie serves Chuck Norris fans and they will get an eyeful of their favorite actor behind a gun more than behind martial arts combat. 

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