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Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure—fair holiday entertainment—performs slightly higher  than Beethoven’s Big Break (2008), part 6 in the Beethoven movie series. Choosing personable Kyle Massey from the That’s So Raven television series makes this movie work at a higher level. The presentation? Good. The portrayal could improve but is suitable. The interaction between the animals and the elf works well. Watch for Kim Rhodes from The Suite Life of Zack & Cody television series. The movie serves as afternoon holiday entertainment fare that can be shared by the child and adult audience. 

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This family holiday film is about an elf who loses Santa’s magic gift bag. Beethoven comes to the rescue and a stray dog provides additional information to solve the case. 

Additional Thanks 

Thank you to Director John Putch for directing effort. Thank you to Producers Lisa Gooding and Daniel Hank for making the film possible.  Cast includes: John Cleese, Munro Chambers, Kim Rhodes, Jan Skene, Candace Smith, Robert Picardo, Curtis Armstrong, Kyle Massey, John O’Hurley, and Ryan Miller. 

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Yes. The movie serves as fair holiday entertainment for an afternoon watch.

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