BURIED: THE 1982 ALPINE MEADOWS AVALANCHE (Released to the Austin Film Festival Austin Texas USA 2021)

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 Buried: the 1982 Alpine Meadows Avalanche—documentary—runs like a newsreel more than a documentary due to its lack of human connection. It completes itself as a story that presents an event that is worth watching as an education of how avalanches work, how rescue dogs work, and the incredible amount of time that a human can live when buried by snow. While the story is tragic and the viewer will connect to the devastation caused by the event, it is a documentary that could run in a museum or educational facility better than as a documentary. The storyline is small and seems compressed in its presentation. 

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This documentary details the events that led to the Alpine Meadows avalanche and the search and rescue operation that followed. 

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Thank you to Directors Jared Drake and Steven Siig for directing effort. Thank you to Executive Producer Mark Gogolewski, Evan Hayes, David Hillman, Shannon Houchins, Thorsten Schumacher, and Michael Sugar for making the film possible. Cast includes Anna Conrad Allen, Mike Alves, Tom Burt, Troy Caldwell, John Fagan, Sandy Harris, Larry Heywood, Roberta Huber, and Lanny Johnson. 

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Yes. For someone doing academic research about avalanches, search and rescue events, or the safety of outdoor sports, this may be a quick informational packet that could be useful. 

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