SLY (Released to Video On Demand (VOD) in the USA 2023)

Ben Meyers’ Rating: 4.4|5.0 Starsìììì 

Sly—WOW!—easily wins accolades as a power documentary. Sylvester Stallone narrates and presents and directs his own life documentary and does not hold back on what he had to overcome to be successful in the entertainment industry. If it seems to begin slowly, wait for it because the complete last hour gets to the grit of what makes Stallone work. It’s honest, heartfelt, gritty, straight forward and perhaps the most important—completely human with lots of heart for the human condition.  This naked honesty makes this film soar! Bravo! Stallone hides nothing and tells it the way he sees it. It is a quality watch from its beginning to its ending. 

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This documentary has Sylvester Stallone serving as the narrator of his own life story. 

Additional Thanks 

Thank you to Director Thom Zimmy for directing effort. Thank you to Producer Sean Stuart for making the film possible. Cast include Sylvester Stallone. 

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Yes. This is the real Sylvester Stallone, not an actor, but a person like everyone else. Many documentaries hide the reality and put a mask over the real story, but this documentary does not do that and that is why it deserves the highest rating and praise. It is more than worth watching and teaches vital truths about life. 

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Ben Meyers

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