SOUTH PACIFIC (Released in Theaters in the USA 1958)

Ben Meyers’ Rating: 4.3|5.0 Stars

South Pacific relies on some of the best music and lyrics ever written. It defines romantic love and the dilemmas of overcoming childhood beliefs in order to walk into the next part of life. For once, the music completely times itself to align with the scenes and dialogue in the film. The dialogue supports the story and does not ‘explain’ the story. It supports what the audience interprets naturally. The movie is rich with its beautiful orchestration of multiple stories interwoven and intertwined together without losing a single thread of its masterful weaving. Terrific finesse in depicting this story set within wartime, island scenery. Watch for outstanding performances by Mitsy Gaynor and Rossano Brassi. Listen to Juanita Hall’s very good singing voice.

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This story probes the situation of romance  that crosses borders and the difficulties that must be resolved between each person involved in that romantic relationship. 

Additional Thanks 

Thank you to Director Joshua Logan for directing effort. Thank you to Producer Buddy Adler for making the film possible. Cast includes Rossano Brazzi, Mitzi Gaynor, John Kerr, France Nuyen, Ray Walston, and Juanita Hall. 

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Yes. This is more than worth watching for fans of romance set with wartime. Another movie themed this way is Heaven Knows Mr. Allision but know that South Pacific exceeds the quality of most many musicals ever produced. 

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