MOE GOES TO THE BEACH * (Moscow Short Film Festival, Moscow, Russia 2012)

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Moe Goes to the Beach—
7-minute short film—features a small creature who lives underground. Creator Anna Kadykova says a lot in this short film, but is wise enough to make the audience search for it. A strong and wise statement about looking in magazines/advertising brochures and developing a dream.

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Moe develops a dream from an advertisement to go to a beach. He finds that while brochures do not always present the truth, truth still exists and often lies somewhere between the best of things and the worst of things.

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Director Anna Kadykova for directing effort. Thank you to Executive Producer Ilya Tomashevich for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Mole and miscellaneous animations of persons driving to the beach and on the beach.

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Yes. It’s highly creative and completely works for a select audience. Director Anna Kadykova’s short film leads to an exceptionally profound conclusion and makes its audience search for the answer to the question, ‘How to find happiness.’

*Also known as “The Mole at Sea” or “Krot na more” (2012 Russian release). This short film won numerous international awards and made its route through at least 61 film festivals.

NOTE: IMDB does not show Ibnul Jaif Farabi as the director or owner of this film although Amazon Prime shows the film as being directed and produced by Ibnul Jaif Farabi. IMDB lists the film under the title of “The Mole at the Sea” or “Krot na more.”

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