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The Three Stooges Meet Hercules
has a creative storyline, serves more as a watch for children than adults, and adds respect for the Three Stooges rigorous work ethic, longevity, and tremendous contribution to making the world laugh.

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The Three Stooges accidentally transport back to the time of Hercules.

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Director Edward Bernds for directing effort. Thank you to Producer Norman Maurer for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Moe (Moe Howard), Larry (Larry Fine), Curly Joe (Joe DeRita), Diane Quigley (Vicki Trickett), Schuyler Davis (Quinn K. Redeker), Ralph Dimsal/King Odius (George N. Neise), Hercules (Samson Burke), Ajax and Argo (Marlin and Mike McKeever), and Shepherd/Refreshment Man (Emil Sitka).

Buy a ticket? Yes? No? Maybe?

Maybe. The film shows its age and serves as a good academic study due to its good representation of a certain era’s culture. It’s good to reflect on the contributions this team made to the world of comedy. Long after their death, they continue to generate income, laughter, and entertainment.

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