HOLIDAY IN THE WILD * (Television Release USA 2019)

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Holiday in the Wild
—light romance—gives another close up view of Actor Rob Lowe’s acting skills in this simple film that takes a look at life after marriage while telling a second tale that educates its audience about the life habits of elephants. The movie follows the format of a television movie release, but satisfies if an audience is looking for an easy-on-the-mind and easy-to-follow entertainment piece. Director Ernie Barbarash produces a good, light drama.

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A woman, abandoned by her husband, takes a vacation break in Africa.

Film Poster Courtesy of Wikipedia

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Director Ernie Barbarash for directing effort. Thank you to Executive Producers Neal H. Dobrofsky, TippFiy Dobrofsky, David Fleming, Eric Jarboe, Rob Lowe, and Amanda Phillips Atkins, Jimmy Townsend, and Kristin Davis for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Derek (Rob Lowe), Kate (Kristin Davis), Jonathan (Fezile Mpela), Luke (John Owen Lowe), Drew (Colin Moss), Doorman (Keeno Lee Hector), Trish (Thandi Puren), Dr. Fowler (Waldemar Schultz), Tabitha (Renate Stuurman), Leslie (Hayley Owen), Mrs. Burns (Lynita Crofford), Lulu (Kgahliso Solomon), and Rafi (Tapiwa Musvosvi).

Buy a ticket? Yes? No? Maybe?

Yes. It’s not hard to watch.

*Also known as: Christmas in the Wild 

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