‘NEATH THE ARIZONA SKIES (Theatrical Release USA 1934)

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‘Neath the Arizona Skies
—excellent academic study—shows the progression of writers, editors, cinematographers, and film-making technique if compared to a film of today’s 2019 standards. It also serves as a great study of acting skill development over years of work within the industry. Watch this 1934 John Wayne movie and then follow it up with John Wayne’s The Shootist. The innocence of culture and the way movies were preserving that innocence shows nicely in this film. Good work for Director Harry L. Fraser for this 1930s film.

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A young heiress is kidnapped.

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Director Harry L. Fraser for directing effort. Thank you to Producer Paul Malvern for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Chris Morrell (John Wayne), Clara Moore (Sheila Terry), Nina (Shirley Jean Rickert), Vic Byrd (Jack Rockwell), Sam Black (Yakima Canutt), Matt Downing (George Hayes), Jim Moore (Jay Wilsey), Jameson Hodges (Philip Kieffer), and Henchman (Harry L. Fraser).

Buy a ticket? Yes? No? Maybe?

Maybe. Archaic filming techniques may not appeal to a more sophisticated audience, but the innocence in the storyline make it a clean, good watch for the younger set. Mostly, it now serves as an excellent academic study for film classes.

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