THE TEN COMMANDMENTS (Theatrical Release USA 1956)

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The Ten Commandments—
one of the best of the golden age films—serves up the WOW factor and overflows the entertainment cup. Choose this film for a watch and you get complete entertainment satiation. Casting uses Charlton Heston and Yul Brenner for main protagonist and antagonist roles to compliment the Bravo! performances by the rest of the cast members. Big props, big scenery without the harder CGI enhancements mark the film with that human factor that softens and enhances the story. This grand scale entertainment piece serves the whole family, not just select members of the family and thus serves to unite a family through entertainment rather than divide it…cuts the bread loaf in equal, equitable portions and satisfies.

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The Exodus from the beginning of Moses to include the magnificence of the parting of the Red Sea is told in epic fashion.

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Director Cecil B. DeMille for directing effort. Thank you to Producer Cecil B. DeMille for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Moses (Charlton Heston), Rameses (Yul Brynner), Nefretiri (Anne Baxter), Dathan (Edward G. Robinson), Sephora (Yvonne De Carlo), Lilia (Debra Paget), Joshua (John Derek), Sethi (Cedric Hardwicke), Bithiah (Nina Foch), Yochabel (Martha Scott), Memnet (Judith Anderson), Baka (Vincent Price), Aaron (John Carradine), Miriam (Olive Deering) Jannes (Douglass Dumbrille), and Abiram (Frank DeKova).

Buy a ticket? Yes? No? Maybe?

Yes. This Grande Dame of a movie paces through the decades and manages to retain splendor and beauty. Excellent choice for the family home video library. A classic story, told well. Great work for all involved. Thank you.

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