ARLO: THE ALLIGATOR BOY (Worldwide Release USA 2021)

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Arlo The Alligator Boy has presented itself as an animated film for children age 7 and up. It seems it would appeal to a higher age group as there is a weird/creepiness that has crept into the movie itself that is hard to define. This ‘creepiness’ reminds a viewer of the same quality that laced the animated film, Doogle. The odd, basic setup of the movie does not easily lend itself to understanding where the film is going. The best part of the film is the music. The singers are notable.

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Arlo travels to New York City to find his biological father. 

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Thank you to Director Ryan Crego for directing effort. Thank you to Producers Netflix Animation and Titmouse, Inc. for making the film possible. Characters/cast include: Arlo Beauregard (Michael Woodard), Bertie (Mary Lambert), Alia (Haley Tju), Furlecia (Jonathan Van Ness), Marcellus (Brett Gelman), Teeny Tiny Tony (Tony Hale), Edmee (Annie Potts), Ruff (Flea), Stucky (Jennifer Coolidge), nsel Beauregard (Vincent Rodriguez), and Beast (Fred Tatasciore). 

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Maybe. The musical renditions are most likely the best part of the movie. At times, the movie seems convoluted and un-necessarily complicates its storyline with its built-in digressions.

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