THINGS TO COME (Theatrical Release USA 1936)

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Things to Come—revolutionary 1936 film—becomes an interesting watch because it contains a series of prophecies about the future. It is a good concept and is told well, but it could improve on the presentation and can be boring at times. The acting is antiquated. Interesting anticipation of future events.

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Predictions detailing future earth and space events told chronologically. 

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Thank you to Director William Cameron Menzies for directing effort. Thank you to Producer Alexander Korda for making the film possible. Characters/cast include: John Cabal (Raymond Massey), Pippa and Raymond Passworthy (Raymond Massey), Rudolf (Ralph Richardson), Roxana Black and Rowena Cabal (Margaretta Scott),Theotocopulos (Cedric Hardwicke), Dr. Edward Harding (Maurice Braddell), Mrs. Cabal (Sophie Stewart), Richard Gordon (Derrick De Marney), Mary Gordon (Ann Todd), Catherine Cabal (Pearl Argyle), Maurice Passworthy (Kenneth Villiers), Morden Mitani (Ivan Brandt), Child (Anne McLaren), Janet Gordoniard (Patricia Hilliard), Great Grandfather (Charles Carson), and World Transport Official (Patrick Barr). 

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Yes. The presentation matches its time of production, but it is an interesting movie to follow the predictions and to check off which were true and which may not have been true. The original story was written by H.G. Wells.

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