CAST AWAY (Theatrical Release USA 2000)

 Ben Meyers’ rating: 4.3|5.0 Starsìììì 

Cast Away—written with high creativity and imagination—has heart sprinkled into its survival storyline. This intriguing movie uses FedEx to drive its theme and the introduction of a Wilson volleyball completely works. The action scenes after the plane crashes need improvement.

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A Fed Ex employee survives a plane wreck at sea and lives alone on an island for years. 

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Thank you to Director Robert Zemeckis for directing effort. Thank you to Producers Steve Starkey, Tom Hanks, Robert Zemeckis, and Jack Rapke for making the film possible. Characters/cast include: Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks), Kelly Frears (Helen Hunt), Stan (Nick Searcy), Jerry Lovett (Chris Noth), Bettina Peterson (Lari White), Pilot Al Miller (Vince Martin), Pilot Jack (Michael Forest), Pilot Peter (Jay Acovone), Pilot Blaine (Garret Davis), Pilot Gwen (Viveka Davis), Becca Twig (Jenifer Lewis), Maynard Graham (Geoffrey Blake), Kelly’s Mother (Nan Martin), Dennis Larson (Dennis Letts), Virginia Larson (Dennis Letts), Virginia Larson (Valerie Wildman), Steve Larson (Steve Monroe), Elden Madden (Elden Henson), Morgan Stockton (Timothy Stack), and Joe Wally (Joe Conley). 

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Yes. Director Robert Zemeckis and Actor Tom Hanks work beautifully together to produce a movie without the usual dialogue or supporting cast and they completely succeed. 

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