DANIEL BOONE, TRAIL BLAZER (Theatrical Release USA 1956)

Ben Meyers’ rating: 3.8|5.0 Starsììì

Daniel Boone: Trail Blazer—good, simple, afternoon, family entertainment fare—unfortunately, needs complete restoration. The acting? Okay. Portrayal? Good. Presentation? Good. An average entertainment piece that serves average entertainment needs. Be aware that the discoloration creates significant disadvantages such as the inability to read commentary toward the conclusion of the movie.

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 Daniel Boone helps settle land that will be Kentucky.

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Director Albert Gannaway and Ismael Rodriguez for directing efforts. Thank you to Producers Ben Costanten, Albert Gannaway, and C.J. Ver Halen Jr. for making the film possible. Characters/cast include: Daniel Boone (Bruce Bennet), Blackfish (Lon Chaney Jr.), Faron Callaway (Faron Young), Simon Girty (Kem Dibbs), Andy Callaway (Damian O’Flynn), Rebecca Boone (Jacqueline Evans), Susannah Boone (Nancy Rodman), Israel Boone (Freddy Fernandez), Jamima Boone (Carol Kelly), Squire Boone (Eduardo Noriega), Kenton (Fred Kohler Jr.), John Holder (Gordon Mills), James Boone (Claudio Brook), Smitty (Lee Morgan), and General Hamilton (Joe Ainley).

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Maybe. Simple, linear story serves family entertainment needs. Be aware that the movie’s visual quality suffers from coloration defects.

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