MARCH OR DIE (Theatrical Release Britain 1977)

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March or Die—solid story—accesses the talents of Gene Hackman, Terrence Hill, Max Von Sydow, and Ian Holm to bring the movie to life. While not the best of films, the movie deserves its watch and makes an audience think about the French Foreign Legion’s activity through the years. It becomes beneficial to read a Wikipedia article on the French Foreign Legion before watching the film to deepen appreciation for this movie. 

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The French Foreign Legion shows its stuff. 

Additional Thanks 

Thank you to Director Dick Richards for directing effort. Thank you to Producers Jerry Bruckheimer and Dick Richards for making the film possible. Characters/cast include: Major William Foster (Gene Hackman), Marco Segrain (Terence Hill), Simone Picard (Catherine Deneuve), Francois Marneau (Max von Sydow), El Krim (Ian Holm), Ivan (Jack O’Halloran), Sergeant Triand (Rufus), Lieutenant Fontaine (Marcel Bozuffi), ndre Penvern), Fred Hastings (Paul Sherman), Mean Corporal (Vernon Dobtcheff), Leon (Marne Maitland), Andre (Gigi Bonos), First German (Wolf Kahler), Second German (Mathias Hell), Minister (Jean Champion), Colonel Lamont (Walter Gotell), and Mollard (Paul Antrim).

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Yes. An overall interesting watch becomes especially viable for war movie fans. 

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