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Daydream Believers: The Monkees' Story—not a thorough documentary—runs on a storyline so thin that even though each Monkee’s name is introduced, it is soon forgotten. Whatever the reason for this documentary’s lack of ‘thickness’ that sadly contributes to its lack of appeal, it makes an audience feel like switching entertainment at its beginning. But because it is a band bio-pick or if one is beginning research on this musical group, one may desire to finish the film. Flat and non-effective, it devalues the effort of this group as performers.

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The story behind the formation of The Monkees and their rise to fame. 

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Thank you to Director Neill Fearnley for directing effort. Characters/cast include: Davy Jones (George Stanchev), Peter Tork (L.B. Fisher), Michael Nesmith (Jeff Geddis), and Micky Dolenz (Aaron Lohr). 

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Maybe. Overall,  it’s a somewhat interesting watch, but it could be more universally written for the audience unfamiliar with this rock group.

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