JASPER MALL (DVD and Digital Release USA and Canada 2020)

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Jasper Mall—documentary—shows how the movement into the technological age affects local economies. Just as the Industrial Revolution created turbulence and chaos, this movie documents the result of moving into the technological age as turbulent and chaotic. The documentary shows how a single mall in Jasper, Alabama faces closure due to the change in population Internet shopping preference. It documents changes in lifestyle, job positions, and levels of prosperity. The interviews are personable, and Security Guard Mike McClelland is very generous to show the director and crew of this movie what is happening in the Jasper mall. The only criticism for this documentary is that it fails to show the positive steps people can take to stay abreast of the change and maintain lifestyle while moving into this new age. 

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 A shopping mall in Jasper, Alabama, begins to ready for closure as one business after another vacates the premises. 

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 Thank you to Directors Bradford Thomason and Brett Whitcomb for directing efforts. 

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Yes. It’s hard and sad to see people losing their life businesses, but it’s interesting to witness in person how moving from one age into another works. Living history documented, as it unfolds, marks this movie as a particularly good watch.

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