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The Adventures of the Wilderness Family—a little bland and quite predictable—works more as a reality television episode than as a movie. The story concept is fabulous, but the final product is average. It is a simple adventure film for anyone who wants an easy-on-the-mind film. The movie is perfect for young children…not too exciting, low key, and entertaining. 

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A family gives up the city for wilderness living. 

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Thank you to Director Stewart Raffill for directing effort. Thank you to Producer Arthur Dubs for making the film possible. Characters/cast include: Skip Robinson (Robert Logan), Pat Robinson (Susan Damante-Shaw), Jenny Robinson (Hollye Holmes), Toby Robinson (Ham Larsen), and Boomer (George Buck Flower). 

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Maybe. There are two sequels to this film which one may want to watch to see what happens to this family. It compares to the lower key entertainment provided by the Little House on the Prairie television series. 

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