EDWARD ON EDWARD* (All-Media World-Wide Release 1996)

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Edward on Edward—exceptionally thorough documentary— tells about King George VI older brother King Edward VII who later was made Duke of Windsor after he abdicated the throne for love of a woman that was not part of the royal designation to marry. This film is very well done, but complicated. The documentation is lovely work as presented by King George VI’s grandson, Prince Edward Earl of Wessex. Exceptionally interesting, extremely well-organized, the documentary raises and answers many questions about love, leadership, obligation, loyalty, courage, life, and duty. This film becomes an excellent source of after viewing discussion, a terrific history lesson, and deserves a permanent place in the home video library. Wonderful archival footage. 

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Thoroughly documents the life of the Windsors after the abdication of the British throne. 

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Thank you to Director Robin Bextor for directing effort. Thank you to Producers Michael Latham and Desmond Wilcox for making the film possible. Characters/cast include:  Host (Prince Edward), Self (Duke of Windsor), and Self (George Earl of Harewood). 

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Yes. An exceptional documentary earns its watch and re-watch. 

*Also Known As: Whatever Happened to the Windsors? 

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