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The Einstein Theory of Relativity—animated short 20-minute documentary—is a shortened form of a 50-minute film made for academic purposes. It’s a quick version made for public understanding of the theory and how it changes our perception of reality. It’s a creation of the Fleischer Brothers, who brought Betty Boop and Popeye to the big screen  and still performs as a quick review of some basic physics principles. WOW! One hundred years later it still entertains and provides an enjoyable watch. 

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This silent, animated short film is about the Einstein Theory of Relativity and how it relates to our perception of reality. 

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Thank you to the Fleischer brothers who directed the film. Thank you to the Fleischer Studios for making the film possible. 

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Yes. This is wonderful film and more than worth watching. WOW! It is interesting how a small, animated film made in 1923 can still hold interest for a 2023 audience. 

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