UNKNOWN: COSMIC TIME MACHINE (Video on Demand (VOD) World-Wide 2023)


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Unknown: Cosmic Time Machine  is another interesting film from the Unknown documentary movie series and also from Netflix Studios. It is marked with great cinematography and accesses information that may not be known by much of the public. Know that the movie seems not to provide enough information to come full circle. It needs order established in its presentation. That order may be achieved by breaking it into two presentations to allow time for that necessary range of information presentation. This ground breaking story falters. The 1990 Hubble telescope launch was significant, but it was not launched with the purpose of entering deep space. Whereas the James Webb telescope is meant to travel into deep space. The film is interesting and worth watching. 

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This film is about launching the James Webb Telescope into space. 

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Thank you to Director Shai Gal for directing effort. Thank you to Executive Producers Jon Bardin, Mala Chappie, Dan Cogan, Liz Garbus, Jonathan Halperin, Malvina Martin,  and Jason Spingarn-Koff for making the film possible. Cast includes: Joe Biden, Thomas Zurbuchen, Amber Straughn, Becky Smethurst, Scarlin Hernandez, Mike Menzel, Alyssa Pagan, Lisa Dang, Klaus Pontoppidan, Dan Coe, Thomas Megeath, Yao Lun Yang, Seiji Fujimoto, Peter Abraham, Stefano Facchini, Steven Longmore, Saurabh Jhai, Joseph DePasquale, Cathy Menzel, Dan Golding, Kielan Wilcomb, Bill Nelson, Yuichi Harikane, and Javier Alvarez Marquez. 

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Yes. This is worth watching to keep up to date with academic work in relation to space. Know that the movie has not been designed as an entertainment piece and did not give enough time to fully inform.

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