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Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 succeeds because someone had the foresight to cast Kevin James as Paul Blart in the first and second episodes. Despite a few noticeably ‘forced’ scenes deliberately repeated for comedic effect (i.e., James skidding across the floor on his side past a planter), the sequel works and becomes an easy afternoon of light entertainment. We get the surprise of our lives when we find James in a troubled marriage and follow the movie to see how his life will turn for the better. Along with the drama involved with an only daughter getting ready to leave for college and start her own life, the film blends action with pathos and comedy in, of all places, Las Vegas.

Additional Thanks

Great work for Director Andy Fickman. Thank you to Executive Producers Marty P. Ewing, Jeff Sussman, and Ben Waisbren for making the film possible. Additional character/cast include: Maya Blart (Raini Rodriguez), Vincent Sofel (Neal McDonough), Lane (David Henrie), Mom (Shirley Knight), Divina Martinez (Daniella Alonso), Eduardo Furtillo (Eduardo Veràstegui), and Nick Panero (Nicholas Turturro).

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