AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS (Theatrical Release USA 2004)

Ben Meyers’ rating: 4.0|5.0 Stars ìììì

Around the World in 80 Days
is terrifically fun entertainment. Sometimes Hollywood fails in a film remake; but this movie, a remake of the 1956 film by the same name, does not fail anywhere. Jackie Chan (character Passepartout/Lau Xing), Steve Coogan (character Phileas Fogg), and Cécile De France (character Monique LaRoche) work perfectly off each other to create a very amusing piece of entertainment for the entire family. Scenes include outrageous visits to France, Turkey, India, China, America, and England with enough satisfying challenges to qualify the story as an action-adventure.

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Additional Thanks

Very good work for Director Frank Coraci. Thank you to Executive Producers Phyllis Alia, Jackie Chan, Willie Chan, Alex Schwartz, Solon So, and Alexandra Schwartz for making the film possible. Additional character/cast include: Lord Kelvin (Jim Broadbent), Inspector Fix (Ewen Bremner), Balloon Man (Richard Branson), Prince Hapi (Arnold Schwarzenegger), Steamer Captain (Mark Addy), San Francisco Hobo (Rob Schneider), Queen Victoria (Kathy Bates), Orville and Wilbur Wright (Luke and Owen Wilson), and Grizzled Sergeant (John Cleese).

Buy a ticket? Yes? No? Maybe?

Yes.  The movie delivers good family entertainment.  

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