NOAH (Theatrical Release USA 2014)

Ben Meyers’ rating: 4.4|5.0 Starsìììì

stands among the best of movies for cinematic themes, wonderfully picturesque camera shots, and good story lines. The script elaborates on the Biblical story of Noah using a combination of longstanding written and oral traditions that intertwine Biblical characters in a provocative way that holds audience interest from beginning to end. 

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Noah (Russell Crowe), after being informed in a dream that there will be a flood, goes to Grandfather Methuselah (Anthony Hopkins) to ask advice. Methuselah has had the same vision and gives Noah a seed for the lumber that Noah will need to use for building the ark. Noah plants the seed and grows a forest. The building of the ark, as with any endeavor, has its opponents. Tubal-cain (Ray Winstone) wars on Noah, breaches the ark, and enters it as the waters are flooding the land around him. The rest of the story involves Tubal-cain’s attempt to divide Noah’s family, the leaving of the ark, and a resolution for finding a mate for one of Noah’s sons.

Additional Thanks

Great work for Director Darren Aronofsky. Thank you to Executive Producers Chris Brigham and Ari Handel for making the movie possible. Additional character/cast include: Ham (Logan Lerman), Naameh (Jennifer Connelly), Ila (Emma Watson), Shem (Douglas Booth), Magog (voiced by Mark Margolis), and Japheth (Leo McHugh Carroll).

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Yes. This film is a good resource for accessing 'the rest of the story'.

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