PETS UNITED (Theatrical Release USA 2020)

 Ben Meyers’ rating: 2.7|5.0 Starsìì

Pets United—great animation—uses unknown voices for the animated characters. It’s good to bring new talent to the screen, but a shame to give good, new voicing talent a less than quality piece of work in which to perform. Nothing new in this movie and it rolls itself quite easily into 'not interesting and rather boring' with an idea that is not particularly creative nor does it support a good, final entertainment product.

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Robo City’s machines take over and a group of spoiled pets are stranded.

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Director Reinhard Kloos for directing effort. Thank you to Executive Producer Ralph Kamp for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Roger (Voice of Patrick Roche), Belle (Voice of Natalie Dormer), Bob (Voice of Felix Auer), Ronaldo (Voice of Jeff Burrell), Walter (Voice of Harvey Friedman), Sophie (Voice of Marty Sander), Slomo/Beezer (Voice of Bryan Larkin), Chichi/Joy (Voice of Naomi McDonald), Edgar/Victor (Voice of Andres Williams), Edgar/Victor (Voice of Andres Williams), Oscar/Stan (Voice of Tom Haywood), Brian/Sheriff Bill (Voice of Ian Odie), Asgar (Voice of Frank Schaff), and The Cyborg/The Mayor/Frank Stone (Voice of Eddie Marsan).

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No. It tries very hard to work, but does not have anything underneath it to make the final product enjoyable or funny or even a cult classic.

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