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Requiem for the American Dream—documentary about Noam Chomsky’s ideas on economy, government’s interaction with people, and development of this nation—seeds diverse thoughts on a variety of subjects that lead to the thought that America is at the brink of great change. A complex documentary, that contains outstanding archival footage phenomenally placed to support the story, may require a good study into Chomsky’s life activities in order to understand where he is going with his initial assumptions. The camerawork is exceptionally professional in catching angles that give Mr. Chomsky unique settings in which to deliver his message.

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Noam Chomsky details why the middle class has dwindled. 

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Thank you to Director Peter D. Hutchison for directing effort. Thank you to Executive Producer Diana Holtzberg for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Himself (Noam Chomsky), Himself (Alan Greenspan), Himself (Malcolm X), Himself (Richard Nixon), Himself (Barack Obama), and Himself (Mark Rudd). 

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Yes. An intellectual audience will appreciate the depth of thought and presentation of Mr.Chomsky’s philosophy. Very persuasive speaker. 

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