CROMWELL (Theatrical Release UK 1970)

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Cromwell—good movie—has its challenges with actors. Richard Harris is a high level actor but the actors seem to perform their parts almost as if it is an afterthought…as if they are speaking to some imaginary friend which detracts from the quality of the movie. It is as if they are talking to a live audience and this does not transition well to the screen or film form of media arts. The story seems constipated and lacks good flow. The script does not provide enough background to establish or to support Cromwell’s actions. They do mention some things, but those few reasons are covered with much commotion and the need to move the story along. Reading a bit of history about Cromwell’s place in England’s history or reading a plot line before going will aid in understanding this movie.

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Cromwell’s civil war purposed to dethrone King Charles.

Additional Thanks

Thank You to Director Ken Hughes for directing effort. Thank you to Producer Irving Allen  for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Oliver Cromwell (Richard Harris), King Charles (Alec Guinness), The Earl of Manchester (Robert Morley), Queen Henrietta Maria (Dorothy Tutin), Prince Rupert (Timothy Dalton), John Carter (Frank Finlay), The Earl of Strafford (Patrick Wymark), Hugh Peters (Patrick Magee), Sir Edward Hyde (Nigel Stock), The Earl of Essex (Charles Gray), Henry Ireton (Michael Jayston), Oliver Cromwell, II (Richard Cornish), Ruth Carter (Anna Cropper), Solicitor General (Michael Goodliffe), and General Byron (Jack Gwillim).

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Maybe. But simply reading a short Wikipedia article about Cromwell’s place in English history will be much easier than watching this film.

Ben Meyers

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