ROMMEL (DVD Release USA 2012)

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Rommel—generic—makes an audience wonder why this story has importance. Partially this challenge comes due to the writing and the thinly defined character development. The movie should move into the higher caliber ranges of war films but missed its mark.

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The final days of Erwin Rommel, German Field Marshal.

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Thank You to Director Niki Stein for directing effort. Thank you to Producers Michael Schmidl, Manfred Hattendorf, Nico Hofmann, Ariane Krampe, Jurgen Schuster, Sascha Schwingel, and Christine Strobl for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Erwin Rommel (Ulrich Tukur), Oberstleeutnant Hofacker (Tim Bergmann), Adolf Hitler (Johannes Silberschneider), General Speidel (Benjamin Sadler), and Oberst Finckh (Rolf Kanies).

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Yes. The value of the movie is the insight one gets into how Erwin Rommell and General Spiedel worked in the scheme of WWII. If one does not know much about this piece of history, it may be good to read a quick Wikipedia article that will explain the events that led to Rommel's final days.

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