HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN (Theatrical Release USA 1952)

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Hans Christian Andersen—well-written, well-acted—serves a generous portion of beautiful ballet scenes while following the fictional development of Hans Christian Andersen, played by Danny Kaye, into an award-winning children’s author. Hans’ charge, Peter, played by Joseph Walsh, casts well with Danny Kaye. The movie liberally sprinkles itself with adorable children who enhance the value of the film. The movie is a worthwhile watch developed at a slower children's pace.

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A fictionalized account of the life of Hans Christian Andersen…a cobbler re-born as a beloved children’s author.

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Thank you to Director Charles Vidor for directing effort. Thank you to Producer Samuel Goldwyn for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Hans Christian Andersen (Danny Kaye), Niels (Farley Granger), Doro (Zizi Jeanmaire), Peter (Joseph Walsh), Otto (Philip Tonge), The Hussar (Erik Bruhn), The Prince (Roland Petit), Schoolmaster (John Brown), Burgomaster (John Qualen), Celine (Jeanne Lafayette), Stage Doorman (RobertMalcolm), Farmer (George Chandler), First Gendarme (Fred Kelsey), Second Gendarme (Gil Perkins), and Lars (Peter J.Votrian). 

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Yes. Innocent, clean, good family watch. An easy-on-the-mind, lazy, peaceful afternoon movie that allows an uncomplicated look at famous, Danish children’s author, Hans Christian Andersen. May easily be watched over several days in segments as a good bedtime story for sweet dreams. Good work for Director Charles Vidor.

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