CHARMING (Theatrical Release South Africa 2018)

 Ben Meyers’ rating: 4.2|5.0 Starsìììì

—fun storyline that expands on the personality of the Prince in three of our favorite fairy tales—works as fun, light entertainment, backs itself with great animation and voicing, and places itself in the fresh and creative movie set. It’s worth a watch and serves a family well as an enjoyable entertainment piece.

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The Prince who woke Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Cinderella needs to find true love. 

Additional Thanks 

Thank you to Director Ross Venokur for directing effort. Thank you to Producer John Williams for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Lenore Quinonez (Demi Lovato), Prince Philippe Charming (Wilmer Valderrama), Half-Oracle (Sia), Snow White (Avril Lavigne), Cinderella (Ashley Tisdale), Keyshia Cole (Cinderella), Keyshia Cole (Cinderella 2), G.E.M.(Sleeping Beauty), Nemeny Neverwish (Nia Vardalos), and King Charming/Goat maitre’d (Jim Cummings). 

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Yes. For a child/adult share film it completely works as it manages to bridge age gaps. A cute watch.

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