GENIUS (Theatrical Release USA 2016)

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Genius—good biographical snippet of the life of Thomas Wolfe—accesses the talents of Jude Law to interpret Wolfe’s character. The movie has its entertaining moments and is somewhat worth a watch. However, some confusion reigns in scenes such as the one where his wife becomes upset after Wolfe sells his first book until it seems she is upset about the time spent with the editor rather than her. But, this scene comes bluntly to the screen and does not introduce itself easily. In addition, Jude Law seems to over act or under act some of the scenes. The film is watchable and produces an interesting conclusion.

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The life of author Thomas Wolfe is briefly examined.

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Thank you to Director Michael Grandage for directing effort. Thank you to James Bierman, Michael Grandage, John Logan, and Tracey Seaward for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: line Bernstein (Nicole Kidman), Ernest Hemingway (Dominic West), F. Scott Fitzgerald (Guy Pearce), Zelda Fitzgerald (Vanessa Kirby), Nancy Perkins (Makenna McBrierty), and Louise Saunders (Laura Linney).

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Yes. The film is a good watch…delivers a unique view of prolific authors and their relationship with their editors.

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