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ETs Among Us: Witnesses and Whistleblowers—another average flick about aliens—sadly fails to reveal anything new other than presenting the idea that aliens run all governments and advise as well as define what they will and will not do. Watch for a statement about the President of Russia, Mikhail Gorbachev. While many ancient writings have repeatedly spoken of otherworldly visitations, it seems we have hung on to the word ‘alien’ and confused that word as an event that is uniquely new to our age, events that have never occurred or been mentioned before in history. Ancient Jewish writings are quite explicit with multitudinous stories of unexpected meetings with other beings who act within this realm frequently and with great force to change the paths of governments as well as individuals. It seems a bit unclear why there is this sudden interest in something that has been routinely recorded in ancient writings.

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Documentary that once again charges government coverup of UFO knowledge.

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Director Cybela Clare for directing effort. Thank you to Cybela Clare for making the film possible. Additional cast includes: Stephen Bassett, Carrie Boyer, David Childress, Cybela Clare, Robert Dean, Richard Dolan, George Filer, Michelle Guerin, Leah Haley, Paola Harris, Paul Hellyer, Richard Hoagland, Niara Isley, David Jacobs, and Roger Leir.

Buy a Ticket? Yes? No? Maybe?

Yes. If one wishes to be engrossed in another film about aliens and does not care about moving beyond a statement that there is government coverup, then this movie could satisfy. The film does not serve as well as Dr. Steven Greer’s Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind, (2020) which makes more statements about positive involvement versus government coverup.

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