ATLANTIS: THE LOST EMPIRE (Theatrical Release USA 2001)

Ben Meyers’ rating: 2.9|5.0 Starsìì

Atlantis: The Lost Empire
starts well and anticipation rises to expect a good to great story well-executed. But, unfortunately, as the movie progresses, the film does not hold its own. While voice choices are good; the characters lack that critical element of believability. Realism disappears into a ho-hum, slow, not-much-of-a-storyline crammed into 95 tedious minutes. Not at the top of its class, but certainly not the fault of Michael J Fox, James Garner, Jim Varney (with Steve Barr supplementing due to the sad passing of Varney during the film’s production), John Mahoney, Leonard Nimoy, and David Ogden Stiers. Kids will most likely enjoy the movie to fill time; but Atlantis: The Lost Empire does not rank as a classic animated feature film.

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Milo Thatch (voice of Michael J. Fox) has a passion for discovering the City of Atlantis.

Additional Thanks

Thank you to Directors Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise for directing efforts. Thank you to Producer Don Hahn for making the film possible. Additional characters/cast include: Gaetan Moliere (voice of Corey Burton), Commander Lyle Tiberius Rourke (voice of James Garner), Helga Katrina Sinclair (voice of Claudia Christian), Preston B. Whitmore (voice of John Mahoney), Dr. Joshua Strongbear Sweet (voice of Phil Morris), King Kashekim Nedakh (voice of Leonard Nimoy), and Vincenzo Santorini (voice of Don Novello).

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